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What's F.A.C.E.S?

Here at HOT, we want be engaged not only within our group, but with the wider Tallahassee community.  Here's a few ways we are showing our FACES-- with Family, Activism, Community, Education, and Service.

Our HOT Board!
Our HOT Board Faces and Friends!

A schedule of our upcoming events can be found on our Calendar.


Fledgling Freethinkers Squad (FFS)!  Once a month, pack up the whole family and join us at a local park to drink coffee while the little ones play.



Being in Florida's capital, HOT is keeping a finger on the social and political pulse, joining with American Atheists, Equality Florida, American Humanist Association, and other groups to be a voice of equality and compassion.  Stay up to date with the latest by following us on Twitter and Facebook for announcements.



Holiday socials, dinners, park gatherings-- HOT would love to see your FACES out and about.  Sign up for our email list below, or follow us on social media to see where we are kicking back next.  Everyone is welcome.



We've all got a lot to learn-- and at HOT, we are eager to join the conversation.  You can, too.  The Freethinker's Forum takes place every Wednesday at 7 PM via Zoom.  Email Warren Brackmann to be added to the FF email list. HOT is hosting our own series, as well.  Check out our YouTube channel for some of our recent webinars! 



Each quarter, HOT adopts a local Tallahassee charity or outreach program.  For those months, we rally to bring awareness, supplies, and donations to aid our immediate community. Currently, we are working with Temple Israel on a number of projects to support the incoming refugee families at the International Rescue Committee. More information can be found hereWe have previously supported Going Places Street Outreach, an inclusive, non-judgmental group that provides services to runaways and homeless youth in order to achieve self-sufficiency. If you have ideas for other groups we can partner with, or if you are a member of one such group, please contact us!


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