Everyone is welcome.

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Did you know that 20% of teens struggle to access period products, and as a result, about 84% of them have missed school or know someone who has.  

As part of the Secular Week of Action, we are collecting period products for the Girl Flo Project to benefit the students at Leon County Schools. For more information, click here.

Who We Are.

Guided by reason, inspired by compassion, and enlightened by experience, the mission of the Humanists of Tallahassee (HOT) is to promote humanism in Florida’s capital city and the surrounding Big Bend area.

Everyone is welcome!

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We are at work here in Tallahassee, and would love for you to join us.  Click here to see what we are up to.

An affiliate of the American Humanist Association, we strive to be a local arm to the movement.  Learn more about the AHA here.